Chimps Now Know How To Accessorize [By Alissa Fleck]

Chimps are quickly learning that all it takes is one great accessory to pull a piece together. And they are learning with absolutely no help from us (because, you know, I really hope no one is wasting time or valuable resources teaching chimps how to accessorize).



It all started when Julie, a chimp at a Zambian sanctuary, decided to make a major fashion statement by sticking a piece of grass in her ear, and leaving it there indefinitely. Others nearby quickly followed suit. Soon, a whole gang of chimps was sporting the grass-in-the-ear look. It might seem an unsexy fad to outsiders like us, then again consider the resources these guys are working with. After Julie died, the trend remained a popular one.

According to researchers this proves chimps are able to impact and manipulate their own culture, as well as learn from each others’ behaviors. Or maybe it’s all just a great, big chimp conspiracy, and this is only the beginning. Or, maybe they’re like, “Let’s see what we can do to make those stupid humans go crazy about next. I know, grass! In the EAR!”

Either way, I applaud these chimps for their ground-breaking fashion sense, for what else is there to master in captivity?

Get your chimp on over at The Telegraph. 

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