What Is Your Disgustingness Threshold? Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter. [By Alissa Fleck]

We hear stories all the time about the vile, revolting things found in meals from fast food chains. Some can be written off as mere urban legend, while others can be substantiated with indubitable evidence.

From bandaids, to cockroaches, to human flesh, even fine dining establishments are not exempt from the horrors of what can come between the buns. But, we never really think it will happen to us. Or, maybe we just don’t care enough about the occasional questionable organ in our food to considerably alter our lifestyles.

Fast_food_01_ebruAfter all, we can comfort ourselves with the existence of the FDA’s food defect guidelines, which state a certain amount of rodent filth, mold, and even excrement is permissible in most any food without posing real hazard to human health. Truly, every scandalous exposé in the world couldn’t stop us from chowing down on what we want to eat.

Still, I often wonder whether, for most people, there is a tipping point, and, if so, where on the spectrum of food filthiness it resides. When is enough, enough? Just how many repulsive stories does it take?

Today, Chinese regulators shut down a local meat supplier in Shanghai, after discovering evidence of appalling food handling in factories that supply meat and produce to restaurants like McDonalds and KFC. A similar scandal took place in 2012 when meat products from these restaurants’ suppliers were found to be pumped full of antibiotics.

A single meal, no matter how ‘fishy’ its actual contents, may never be enough to render anyone physically ill, but maybe at some point imagination and a little common sense will do the trick.

Then again, no place is truly sacred…And what would some idealized standard of cleanliness do to our immunity, let alone our economy?

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